Dr. Ulla Nagel GmbH - we have been active for you since 1992!

We accompany economic change prozesses especially with the ambition to combine new and old cultures to a high performance one. We are your partner for human resource development and changemanagement.

Our Principles:

  • We are a flexible service provider for your customers. The success of our customer is our ambition and yardstick.
  • We see organisations as a "sensitive organismen" meaning that they can only develop in interaction with the organs and which are influenced by the circumstances of the environment.
  • Our workshops are interactive and focussed on activity and experiences. Our customer is the key player.
  • We intervene so that employees and organisation change in a good way.
  • We make people to think about themselves and others - even beyond cultural borders - and have a better understanding for each other.
  • We guarantee qualification and quality. For that we use our network and cooperations.

Our Approach:

  • You as our customer are the key player in our projects and workshops. You are the expert of your business. We suggest you ideas for changing circumstances and behavior.
  • You work on your personal way to be successful in training and coaching. Our customers appreciate self-determined learning as well as the possibilty to live creativity, get in contact and show humour.

The systemic 2-level-model of Pressures and Demands in the Work Process:

  • The Development of vital organizations with motivated people in a healthy working world psy.Res ®
  • The analysis and assessment of holistic mental strains and pressures psy.Risk ®