Factor 2: Corporate Culture

The existing norms and values of a company have a definite influence on employee relations, company identification and work quality on the one hand and employee health on the other. The corporate culture is based on the human picture.

Does your company believe in people´s personal creativity and continual need for meaningful work or do they think people require strict guidance and control? The latter outlook, advances an ingrained pecking order that seeks to blame and inhabit personal initiative.

Our offers

Seminars & Workshops:

  • psy.Res®-Innovation Circles
  • Values and Authenticity: What drives us?

  • Tradition and Change: preserve values, change values


  • Accompaniment of culture changing processes e.g. after fusions

  • Implementation of a Health Care Management: psy.Res®-circle

  • appealing Corporate Culture: How attractive is our company for managers and key personnels?

  • Corporate Charakter: Are we, who we want to be - Analyse with the corporate key of the key4you®

  • Support exchange across generations