Factor 5: Identification Conditions

Today, life-long learning is no longer just for those who want to educate themselves in their free-time. It has become a necessary demand for all. Because of a lack in abilities and skills, workers are constantly under pressure. Job satisfaction decreases. The loss of belief in oneself puts pressure on quality and work performance. The employee becomes exhausted, sullen, demoralized and nervous. You yourself become the repository of others´demands and stresses.

Do your employees have suitable conditions for development, career progression and self-actualization?

Our offers

Seminars & Workshops:

  • Social and methodological skills

  • Understanding and being understood: Communication and conversation skills

  • Seminars and Coaching on the job: Mastering difficult situations in customer contact

  • Overcome speech anxiety: Present and speak freely

Health prevention:

  • Stress management and Burnout prevention

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Dealing with the flood of information: Memory and concentration training


  • Consulting of the HR department to develop a strategic human resource management using integrated software management development (see also: leadership)

  • Reintegration after Burnout or Illness (BGM)

  • Potential analysis, personnel selection, career advice with key4you® and Prisma World®

  • Personality coaching