Factor 3: Leadership 

Manner and type of leadership is a demonstrably significant factor in motivation, performance and health. Managers who are provided with inappropiate recognition, ambiguous goals and poor accessibility can find their commitment dropping quickly. An inclusive leadership style liberates enormous workforce energy. in difficult time the quality of teams reflects directly on their leader.

How effective is leadership at your company?

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Seminars & Workshops:

  • Motivation by value-oriented leadership

  • leading over spatial distance

  • health-promoting conversation techniques

  • understand your employees: The inside view of the other person

  • handling work related negative strained employees

  • Self-Management: „Getting things done“®

  • Women lead differently: female leadership potential 


  • Leadership coaching

  • The first 3 month as a chief

  • value-oriented leadership

  • How to build up resources of health: Burnout Prevention 

  • Help in life crisis

  • personality coaching: A mirror for self-knowledge

  • How to raise your Image

Leadership development coaching

  • LEA® Leadership Equity Assessment: 180°-Feedback combined with 12 Coaching-modules

  • 360°-Feedback: MAP® Management Action Profile

  • Potential analyzes and personnel selection with Prisma World®